søndag den 30. august 2015

The best ringing session

...Since I am here!!

Holaaaa everybody. Really busy day today, 155 birds of 15 different species:

Spurvehøg/ Sparrowhawk 1
Skovpiber/ Tree pipit 1
Rødhals/ Robin 6
Nattergal/ Trush nightingale 2
Rødstjert/ Redstart 6
Rørsanger/ Reed warbler 2
Gulbug/ Icterine warbler 15
Gærdesanger/ Lesser whitethroat 18
Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 38
Havesanger/ Garden warbler 12
Munk/ Black cap 23
Skovsanger/ Wood warbler 1
Gransanger/ Chiffchaff 2
Løvsanger/ Willow warbler 24
Broget fluesnapper/ Pied flycatcher 4

The day with most captures, for me. I really hope tomorrow...more and better!!!! :) I love migration.
Today no photos, sorry, I am so tired, I´ll put many photos tomorrow, I promise it. 

Good night, sweet and "birdy" dreams.

Amazing ringing session

We are really busy that days, many birds in the nets, and a lot of different species. Yesterday we have not enough time to do all the computer work, so that´s the chronicle of yesterday, 29/8/15

Løvsanger/ Willow warbler 6
Gransanger/ Chiff chaff 2
Spurvehøg/ Sparrowhawk 2
Jernspurv/ Dunnok 5
Rødhals/ Robin 2
Nattergal/ Thrush nightingale 1
Rødstjert/ Redstart 6
Sangdrossel/ Song trush 1
Kærsanger/ Marsh warbler 2
Rørsanger/ Reed warbler 1
Gulbug/ Icternine warbler 7
Gærdedanger/ Lesser whitethroat 12
Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 14
Havesanger/ Garden warbler 7
Munk/ Blackcap 15
Grå fluesnapper/ Spotted flycatcher 1
Broget fluesnapper/ Pied flycatcher 3
Rødrygget tornskade/ Red-backed shrike 1
Tornirisk/ Linnet 1

Total: 89 birds of 19 species. As you can see, a very amazing ringing morning!!!
Sure the numbers are going to increase that days.  And the sparrowhawk nets still working really well.

Not photos of birds today, just a nice photo of some of the people who has made me feel like in home every single day since I am here in Denmark.  Of course here are not all the people, but you now I am very grateful to everyone. 

Lyd ;)

fredag den 28. august 2015

Sunny day :)


Finally, after some rainy and windy days, today, has been a normal day. 
Yesterday we opened the nets like always, but we needed to close it at 7:00 cause the rain. We opened again at 9:00 because we had the visit of a group of students...but only during 30 minutes, cause the rain was continuing. The activity with the children was so funny :)
Here the captures during that 2:30 hours of ringing yesterday: 
Spurvehog/Sparrowhawk 1
Gærdesanger/Lesser withethroat 3
Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 2
Munk/ Black cap 1
Løvsanger/ Willow warbler 1
Broget Fluesnapper/ Pied flycatcher 2
Blåmejse/ Blue tit 1
Gulspurv/ Yellow hammer 1
Total, 12 birds of 8 species, not so bad with all that rain. 
Today has been a very different day, very sunny (finally!!!), and the garden is full of birds again. 
Captures of today:

Rødstjert/ Redstat 3
Nattergal/ Thrush nightingale 1
Græshoppesanger/ Grasshopper warbler 1
Kærsanger/ Marsh warbler 2
Gulbug/ Icterine warbler 4
Gærdesanger/ Lesser whitethroat 5
Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 9
Skovsanger/ Wood warbler 1
Løvsanger/ Willow warbler 12
Grå fluesnapper/ Spotted flyecatcher 1
Broget fluesnapper/ Pied flycatcher 2
Gulspurv/ Yellow hammer 1

Total: 42 birds of 12 species :) Really nice
Here photo of the "star" of the day, the Skovsanger. Really cute and beautiful. 

I really hope the rest of the week will be the same or better than today. 
Anyway, like always, more and better, tomorrow. 
Only 3 days more for me...


søndag den 23. august 2015

Vendehals´s day


Do you remember my last chronicle where I said something about a ringing with children in the afternoon? So, we had a great capture in the nets :) A cute Vendehals. We enjoyed a lot the experience, was so funny. 

Today has been a little bit  bored morning with only 30 birds of 12 different species. 
Spurvehøg/ Sparrowhawk 1
Rødstjert/Redstart 2
Solsort/Blackbird 2
Græhoppesanger/ Grahoppe warbler 1
Gærdesanger/ Lesser whitethroat 10
Tornsanger/Whitethroat 4
Munk/ Blackcap 1
Gransanger/ Chiffchaff 1
Løvsanger/ Willow warbler 4
Broget Fluesnapper/ Pied flycatcher 2
Rødrygget Tornskad/ Red-Backed shrike 1
Tornirisk/Linnet 1

The sparrowhawk nets are working very well as you can see. An amazing young male. 

More, and better, tomorrow (starting my last week...)
Lyd ;)

lørdag den 22. august 2015

Paceful day

...Really really paceful. 

Near of the 50% less of birds than the last days. We have had a lot of free time today. Only 43 birds in total, of 12 species. Anyway I´m happy :) I have good company and cute birds. The results:

Rødstjert/ Redstart 2
Kærsanger/ Marsh warbler 1
Rørsanger/ Reed warbler 1
Gulbug/ Icterine warbler 2
Gærdesanger/ Lesser whitethroat 9
Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 11
Havesanger/ Garden warbler 2
Munk/ Blackcap 3
Gransanger/Chiffchaff 2
Løvsanger/ Willow warbler 8
Broget Fluesnapper/ Pied flycatcher 1
Skovspurv/ Tree sparrow 1

Thank you Robert for your help writing the dates on the notebook. You are going to learn a lot this days :)
No visits today.
This afternoon we will have the visit of a group of children, who come to see our birds. Sure it will be very funny. 
Photo of the cute skovspurv:

More and better (I really hope it) tomorrow
Lyd ;)

fredag den 21. august 2015

The most amazing eyes


Special morning today :) Very sunny and no windy.
We have caught two sparrowhawk in two days!!! The nets are working very well. I´m totally fascinated for the yellow eyes that they have.They are absolutely amazing. 

Lot of thing of tell today. But first, the results:
Spurvehøg/ Sparrowhawk 1
Jernspurv/Dunnock 1
Rødstjert/Redstart 7
Kærsanger/Mash warbler 8
Rørsanger/ Reed warbler 1
Gulbug/ Icterine warbler 2
Gærdesanger/Lesser whitethroat 15
Tornsanger/ Whitethroat 19
Havesanger/ Garden warbler 3
Munk/ Blackcap 7
Løvsanger/Willow warbler 12
Grå Fluesnapper/ Spotted flycatcher 2
Broget Fluesnapper/ Pied flycatcher 2
Rødrygget Tornskad/ Red-backed shrike 1
Skovspurv/ Tree sparrow 3

Total: 85 new birds of 15 species!! Less than yesterday, but great anyway :D
And... Do you know the feeling when you are ringing a cute bird...and suddenly someone appears with a delicious breakfast for you??? hehehe That have happened today, thanks to Kristian and Benthe. Your are wonderful persons. Thank you for all. I´m gonna miss you a lot. Hope to see you someday again. I really hope it. 

Finally, I would like to say WELCOME!!!! to one of my bests Spanish friends, who is going to stay here with us these days (only one and a half week more for me). Roberto is learning to be a ringer, and he is a good birdwatcher too. I´m sure he is going to enjoy a lot here, because sure he will discover a lot of new species. 

More and better, tomorrow.
Lyd ;)